· Vertical turret lathe ø3200mm
  Platform ø2800mm
  Max. turning ø3200mmx2100mm in height
  Numerical control FAGOR 807OT
  Max. load 14000kg
· Vertical turret lathe PIETRO CARNAGHI c.n.c.
  Spindle ø1600mm
  Max. turning ø1800mmx900mm in height
  Numerical control FAGOR 8050T
  Max. load 13.000kg
· Vertical turret lathe BERTHIEZ c.n.c.
  Spindle ø1600mm
  Max. turning ø1900mmx1500mm in height
  Numerical control FAGOR 8050T
  Max. load 8.000kg
· Vertical turret lathe BERTHIEZ c.n.c.
  Spindle ø1300mm
  Max. turning ø1500mmx1100mm in height
  Numerical control FAGOR 8055T
  Max. load 7.500kg
· Horizontal lathe GEMINIS c.n.c.
  Max. turning on lathe bed ø1500
  Max. turning on carriage ø1040mmx6000mm
  Numerical control FAGOR 8055T
  Max. load 10.000kg
· Horizontal lathe TACCHI HD 1000 STI
  Max.turning on lathe bed ø1000mm
  Max. turning on carriage ø650mmx6000mm
  "C" axis and driven tools axial and radial
  CNC control SIEMENS 840D   Max. load 8.000 Kg
· Horizontal lathe MORANDO with display
  Max. turning on lathe bed ø1200mm
  Max. turning on carriage ø950mmx6000mm
  Max. load 5.000kg
· Horizontal lathe CMT URSUS c.n.c.
  Max. turning on lathe bed ø560mm
  Max. turning on carriage ø305mmx1000mm
  Numerical control ECS 2402. Max load 600kg

· Travelling column milling machine
  MECOF CS88G c.n.c.
  Worktable 8000mmx1000mm
  Longitudinal stroke 6300mm
  Vertical stroke 2000mm
  Transversal stroke 1000mm
  Numerical control SELCA 4045
  Max. load 15.000kg
· Gantry milling machine WALDRICH c.n.c.
  Worktable 8000mmx2000mm
  Longitudinal stroke 8000mm
  Vertical stroke 2000mm
  Transversal stroke 2500mm
  Max. load 30.000kg
· Vertical machining center VANTAGE
  Worktable 1700mmx815mm
  Longitudianal stroke 1600mm, vertical stroke 800mm, transversal stroke 1000mm
  Numerical control SELCA 3045
  Max. load 20.000 kg
· Boring machine FOREST c.n.c.
  Rotating worktable 1600mmx1250mm controlled
  360.000 positions
  Longitudianal stroke 1600mm
  Vertical stroke 1000mm
  Transversal stroke 600mm
  Sleeve 800mm
  Numerical control SELCA 1200
  5 controlled axes
  Max. load 5.000kg
· Radial drilling machine SASS
  Worktable 2600mmx1250mm
  Longitudinal stroke 2000mm
  Vertical stroke 2000mm
  Drilling ø100mm from solid piece
· Bandsawing machine FENDO 350 SA
  Max. cutting size ø360mm